Infinity Plus One is a community dedicated to inspiring everyone’s capacity to DO by identifying, confronting, and resolving the challenges that we all face as people.

We are all human, we all feel pain, shame, guilt, fear, doubt, insecurity; and most importantly, we must feel those things to feel their glorious opposites: joy, peace, bliss, love, confidence, and straight up awesomeness.

At Infinity Plus One, we believe in honesty, truth, authenticity, and that all parts of our journey are valid and important. Together, we will identify and confront the challenges that we, as fellow human beings, face as we work to create the lives that we desire. We will work together to resolve these challenges so we can set our inner power free. Because when we learn to accept, embrace, and truly love our true selves - the unique power and light that only you have - truly anything is possible, and by simply being you, you have the power to live the life of your dreams.

Stay tuned for news on future programming, currently being developed!